Toronto Tour Profile: Chantecler

Since 2012 Chantecler (1320 Queen Street West) has been a Parkdale favourite. Earlier this year, a change in Executive Chef and hours of operation have taken this staple and somehow made it even more popular.

The menu is divided into a section of snacks or plates to share suitable to munch on while sipping on something from the carefully curated wine list, a classic cocktail or one of owner Jacob Wharton-Shukster’s creations. The room evokes a classic European meets modern Lower East side mood. You feel like you are somewhere more historical than you actually are. The size of the room makes this a perfect date spot. You have no choice but to sit close and speak quietly.

Jacob’s cocktail creation style is heavily influenced by the delicacy of classic cocktails. His drinks hide their sometimes boozy after-effects behind perfectly entwined light and fresh flavours.

For the Bartender Atlas Toronto Tour Bar Hop, Chantecler has a Barrel Aged White Manhattan on offer. Dillon’s White Rye, laid to rest for weeks with two kinds of vermouth will make for a boozy first stop in Parkdale.

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