Toronto Tour Profile: Food & Liquor

There are bars out there named for distant exotic places, some are named after a style of decor, and artist or a music or film reference. Then there are the bars with just an address for a name. Food & Liquor (1610 Queen Street West) takes that simplicity one step further.

On the far end of Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood this small room with a capacity of about 30 has, you guessed it, food and liquor. More concerned with having everyone that enters feel like they are home for the night than they are with elevated food and drink concepts, Food & Liquor is a great place to have a low key libation and snack.

For a brief moment, owner and bar manager Nigel French toyed with the idea of creating a cocktail for Bartender Atlas Toronto Tour Bar Hop on November 15th. The moment was very brief and the decision was made to offer the house special, a shot of Wild Turkey and a beer from Great Lakes Brewery. Because, really what else do you need at the end of a big night?!

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