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Cocktail creation is an art – being able to imagine flavours, stylize drinks, and serve with a smile is a lot to think about, but sharing it with the world is even more to consider. With new social media sites sprouting up constantly, it’s hard to keep up with what to share and how to share things online. Here are a few ideas on how to keep your online feeds fresh and flowing, all while keeping bartending at the forefront.

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Make it Snappy
Well-lit, beautiful photos of cocktails are never a bad idea. While you’re in the process of creating a drink, be sure to document it with stunning images along the way. Take a second to snap photos on your phone or a portable camera when your drink product is finished. A couple edits using an app like VSCO (we love detail and structure to showcase the beauty of a cocktail) will do wonders. If you’re feeling fancy, use Face Tune for detail and colour tone edits.

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Keep it Simple
When we get passionate about something, we tend to talk about it with a depth that not a lot of people may understand in layman’s terms. With bartending – the tools, the mixers, the bitters, and many other elements of cocktail making can seem confusing and difficult to remember. The basic beverage consumer might not know the ins and outs of shaking up a good cocktail, so keep the instructions clear, short, and easy to follow.

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The Internet is overwhelming! With countless new things being posted constantly, the only way to be relevant is to develop a signature of sorts. Whether it’s a style of cocktail making, or a certain way of editing photos…there are plenty of ways to stay original.

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Make it a Routine
Once you’ve peaked an interest in your work online, keep it going! Momentum is a powerful force, and consistency is the best way to grow interest. Of course, easier said than done, staying on a schedule to posting great content about your cocktails is a huge challenge.

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