Cocktail: Pagan Fruit | Bartender Kacper Wardynski

by: Kacper Wardynski

The name for this cocktail actually comes from an album by a band called Dwellers, a good fit for a cocktail containing a few Eau de Vie’s.

I wanted to create a spirit forward cocktail for everyone to enjoy, regardless if you’re a rum drinker or not. The rich amber colour reflects the depth and character of the Dominican rum, while the Plum Wine and Calvados tame it and give the cocktail a nice smooth finish.

Cocktail: Pagan Fruit

1 oz Brugal Anejo
1 oz Pere Magloire Calvados
0.25 oz Plum Wine
1 tsp Benedictine
Dash Earl Grey Bitters

Stir and strain all ingredients into a well chilled cocktail coupe. Garnish with a long lemon twist, making sure to express the zests over the cocktail.