Cocktail: Summer Sweats | Bartender Mélanie Aumais

by Mélanie Aumais

One thing I’ve learned about Toronto over the last few weeks is that it is warm! The sun is always shining over the Six, making this city so much fun in the summer. There is always something to do, always someone to hang out with and always drinks to drink.

Summer Sweats is perfect for your BBQ nights with friends or your afternoon hangouts around Lake Ontario.

Pisco and Fino is a match made in heaven, that goes so well with Capo Capo, a Toronto-exclusive (for now!) Italian aperitif that is brought to the city by our friends of Hendrix&Co. Rhubarb bitters and lemon oils are just there to brighten up the drink!

A refreshing, boozy stirred cocktail is a thing and I’m telling you, you wanna get on board!

Here’s how you do it :
1 1/4 ounce Pisco
3/4 ounce Tio Pepe
1/2 ounce Capo Capo
3 dashes of Rhubarb bitters

Stir all the ingredients.
Strain into chilled coupe.
Squeeze lemon oils on top. Discard the zest.