Cocktail: Affair of the Sea | Bartender: Prajwal Dsouza

My take on Marine Mixology and really just enhancing the flavour and everything the oceans have to offer.

Cocktail: Affair of the Sea | Bartender Atlas

45 ml Johnnie Walker Platinum
15 ml Drambuie
30ml Sea weed and oyster broth*
10ml Almond and sea salt syrup**
45ml Fresh orange juice

Mix all of the above ingredients in a shaker, give it a hard shake and double strain it in a coupé glass. Garnish with a purple orchid.

*To make the seaweed and oyster broth:- 1/2 ounce dried miyeok(sea weed), 4-5 Fresh oysters (blend it to make a paste ) Take both the ingredients and soak it in a cup of ice water for 30 min Strain it

**To make the almond and sea salt syrup (it’s very simple) just take almond puree and sea salt and boil it for 10-15 min to get a syrupy texture (you might have to add a lil bit of water) Let it cool.

Prajwal Dsouza
A bar enthusiastic. Bartending for me is less of a profession, it's a way of life, fun-filled and a highly creative trade. Everything and anything can be an inspiration or an idea for a cocktails