Cocktail: Ananás De Wata | Bartender: Jack Zgheib

I went to Brazil for tourism and, due to the COVID-19 pandemic I got stuck here and wasn’t able to go back to my country of origin, Lebanon. Therefore, I have decided to make a cocktail that reminds me of my hometown and introduce it here in Brazil using ingredients from both countries. Ananás De Wata contains Lebanese Apple Cider, Gin and tropical fruits from Brasil and cacao.

Cocktail: Ananás De Wata | Bartender Atlas

50 ml Beefeater London Dry Gin
15 ml Pineapple Cordial*
1 Bar Spoon Cacao Juice
Top with Wata Apple Cider

Add all the ingredients in a short glass and stir gently garnish with Pineapple apple skin , Pineapple leaves and crafted ice.

*Pineapple Cordial
– Pineapple oleo Saccharum**
– 240 ml coconut water
-45 ml lemon juice
-7g grated lemon zest
-20 g citric acid
– 75 g pineapple cubes
– 6 drops 20% Saline solution

Blend everything with a blender and filter through a cheesecloth.

**Pineapple oleo Saccharum
-Pineapple skin from half of a pineapple
– 250 g cane sugar
Combine pineapple skins and sugar in a vacuum bag and leave it for 48h at room temperature.

Jack Zgheib
My name is Jack Zgheib, I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Information Technology Systems Management thinking that’s my only career passion.

My fortunes as well as my need to expand my income have led me to the world of mixology (in layman terms Bartending)and it became my second passion not only in my career but also in my daily life! And today I am working as an instructor and a bartender at “The Tipplers” that have supported me and helped me in growing this passion.

The lure of the profession, the infinite possibilities, the countless variations, the endless nights, the amazing people, the altered egos, the wonderful stories, the constant learning, and all the “maturing” I went through were very similar to the distilling and aging of fine single malt.

The versatility of happenings and events imprinted my character with the intricate balance of ingredients and tastes of masterfully created cocktails.

Suddenly, I realized that the vast world of mixology is not very much different than the ever-expanding sophistication of today’s technology, network applications, channels, and platforms.

Years flew, countries visited, skills sharpened, certificates obtained, endless cocktails created and thousands of people served, yet I still believe that I am at the very beginning of the Spirits mind we call mixology.

Finally, “ it’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together. “
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