Cocktail: Back to Classic | Bartender: Elie Elias

This cocktail is made with the traditional Lebanese spirit Arak. The idea behind the cocktail is to take the Lebanese bar back a little to the old days using the classic Lebanese alcoholic spirit. Thus the name “Back to Classic”.

Cocktail: Back To Classic | Bartender Atlas

3 cl Beetroot Infused Arak*
1.5 cl Homemade Hibiscus Syrup**
1.5 cl Rose Syrup
1 cl Lime Cordial
2 cl Soda Water

Put all ingredients together in a mixing glass and stir for about 12 seconds. Pour on the rocks in a short glass and top it with soda water.

**Beetroot Infused Arak: 400ml arak + 130g beetroot

**Hibiscus Homemade Syrup: 1 L water + 1kg sugar + 60g hibiscus leaves + 2g cloves. Cooked together on low temperature until all the sugar particles are dissolved.

Elie Elias
The funny thing about me getting into the field of Hospitality and Food & Beverage is that it all happened by chance. I was offered a work opportunity and I took it just to earn some extra money back when I was in school. I graduated high school and went to college to pursue my education and my plans of becoming a mechanical engineer, but through all those years I never got out of the field. After about 4 years of work I switched to working behind bars, it was where I found myself the most, I just loved it and got deep into it. I kept gaining more experience and taking one job after another. Now after a total of 10 years in this field and about 6 years on the bar I find myself so passionate about this art that it has become a part of who I am. I studied mechanical engineering and now I am planning to study Food & Beverage on the professional level and keep on working on my mixology skills and ideas because I know that this is something I will be doing for life.
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