Cocktail: Basilisco | Bartender: Luis Tehuitzil

This cocktail I created during my stay at the fine dining Animalón in Ensenada Valle de Guadalupe. It was inspired by my favourite distillates: Strega liquor and Gin Condesa from Mexico City for having their mystical and magical aspects with all their botanicals and the idea that they’re created by witches from different parts of the world. Adding a fresh aspect with the cucumber and basil and the final touch with the absinthe. Magic, herbal and fresh!

Cocktail: Basilisco | Bartender Atlas

Photo: Yesica Huerta</center

1.5 oz Gin Condesa Clasica
0.75 oz Liquore Strega
0.5 oz Cold-pressed Cucumber Juice
0.75 oz Yellow lime juice
0.5 oz Lemongrass Syrup*
4 Basil leaves
Spray of absinthe

Muddle basil leaves in shaker tin. Add remaining ingredients except for Absinthe. Add ice and shake until chilled. Spray rocks glass with absinthe and strain cocktail into glass over one large ice cube. Garnish with grated lemon zest and lemongrass leaf knot.

*Lemongrass Syrup:
30g fresh lemongrass
250g White sugar
250ml water
Cold blend lemongrass leaves (to maintain freshness) with sugar and water until sugar has dissolved. Strain out solids.

Luis Tehuitzil
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