Cocktail: I Can Beet Your Hero, Baby | Bartender: Aaron Hatchell

For this cocktail I wanted to feature beets in their entirety. First I sous vide the beets and gochujang, and then strained them off. I used the syrup in the cocktail and then took the beets, and dehydrated the beets until they became a chewy – jerky like texture and used that as the garnish for the drink! The resulting cocktail is tart, complex and a little smokey with earthy notes from the mezcal.

1.5oz Patron Reposado Tequila
0.5oz Sombra Mezcal
0.5oz Beet and Gochujang Syrup
1oz Acid adjusted white grape juice

In a cocktail shaker, add all ingredients and shake (about 10 seconds). Strain into a nick and Nora glass and garnish with beet jerky.