Cocktail: Bitter Passion | Bartender: Emma Osmond

Think Pornstar Martini but soaked in Gin & Campari

Cocktail: Call Girl | Bartender Atlas

Photo: Mona Mousa

1.5 oz Willibald Dry Gin
0.75 oz Campari
0.75 oz Passionfruit juice
0.5 oz Lime
Garnish: Passionfruit/Champagne Jello Shot*
Clarified with Coconut Milk

Multiply recipe by 15-20 (depending how big of a batch you want) and add all ingredients to a large container.

Add coconut milk at room temperature in SEPARATE container (about 1/3 volume of cocktail), then add all ingredients into the coconut milk. *important to add ingredients to milk and not the other way around*

Your cocktail will curdle, this is good! Wait at least 90 minutes, for a crystal clear production I like to leave it overnight.

Strain out batched cocktail through a coffee filter, or cheese bag, the first few drops may be cloudy, pass through filter again if necessary!

Once you have batch strained through and crystal clear, it is ready to go!

Pour yourself a few ounces into a shaker tin, or mixing glass to chill and dilute and it will be ready to serve! You will notice a residual back end flavour of coconut from clarifying.

*Passionfruit/Champagne Jello Shot Garnish:
1/4 cup Passionfruit juice
1/2 cup Dead Sparkling Wine
4 tablespoon gelatin
heat on low to dissolve gelatin
pour into passionfruit husk, or jello mold and let set four 90 minutes

Emma Osmond
I’m the bar manager at a no-tip structure, full service restaurant & wine bar. I get inspired by colour Pantones, aromas, and in season ingredients for my cocktails, and love to discover different spirits. Love the flavour journey, through different methods and textures. Finding the perfect balance of unlikely paired ingredients is a puzzle I love to solve. However, besides the technical, and creative side of bartending I love to connect with people over a great cocktail, or glass of wine or fino sherry. Hospitality truly is the heart of this all, and building trust with your guest to create a unique experience. Make their night out count. Be authentic. Laugh. Drink. (responsibly)
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