Cocktail: Bleeding Heart | Bartender: Soren Schepkowski

No real story, just a good blend of Amari, Whiskey and Cognac. If you like a smooth sipper with a little kick of peat, this ones easy to make anywhere, no prep needed!

Cocktail: Bleeding Heart | Bartender Atlas

1.5 oz Hennessy VS
0.5 oz Cynar
0.25 oz Aperol
0.25 oz Ardbeg 10
0.15 oz Simple Syrup
4 dashes Fee Brothers Rhubarb Bitters

Stir over ice and strain into chilled coupe. Garnish with an orange twist either discarded or pinned to the side of glass.

Soren Schepkowski
Hey everyone, welcome to my bio! I’m a bartender who fell in love with hospitality and dropped out of college! I was an aspiring athletic therapist and exercise physiologist with the sight of attaining my medical license. It was always going to come down to picking one or the other and I chose passion.

I have worked in a ton of different styles of restaurants and have found that my skills and abilities work best in a world with a combination of cocktails and wine. I’m currently the assistant bar manager and social media coordinator for Wind Cries Mary in Victoria BC, and am constantly trying to improve and advocate for the community here. We are a restaurant of career-hospitality workers with a super dynamic and seasonally appropriate menu focussing on featuring our local ecosystems.
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