Cocktail: Bow Street Tea | Bartender: Meghan Webb

This cocktail is a blend of my American culture with a bit of a take on an Irish Tea. I wanted to create an afternoon boost that makes you feel good while you drink it! Since most people have some type of green tea and honey at home, it is also easy to recreate with a bit of at home flair.

Cocktail: Bow Street Tea | Bartender Atlas

45 ml Jameson Whisky
45 ml flavored or unflavored cold brewed green tea (I use a passionfruit green tea)
10 ml honey water
10 ml pineapple juice
1/2 tsp Matcha powder

Garnished with coconut cream and Pistachio

Combine Jameson, honey water, pineapple juice, and matcha in a shaker. Shake and fine strain into collins glass. Add ice and top with tea. Gentle swizzle. Then either layer coconut cream* or use ISI whipper if you have one. Finish with a nice sprinkle of crumbled pistachios!

*Coconut cream: A thicker coconut cream with a dash of cinnamon to taste. Whip by hand with whisk or in a shaker. If you have an ISI whipper.. add 2 parts coconut cream, 1 part coconut milk, and ground cinnamon to taste in the canister. Charge with two nitrogen cartridges. Shake vigorously and then chill in the fridge for minimum 20 min before use for the cream to set. Shelf life: 5 days.

Meghan Webb
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