Cocktail: Charitable Thief | Bartender: Mark Cooney

Inspired by a song under the same name by one of my favourite bands, depicting contemplation and beauty.

Cocktail: Charitable Thief | Bartender Atlas

1 oz Avua Prata Cachaça
1 oz Pisco
0.5 oz Lemon Sherbet
0.5 oz Blueberry Cordial
Topped with Hibiscus Bitters
Blueberry dust

Combine all ingredients except dust and bitters in tin. Add ice and stir. Apply dust to rim of large rocks glass and pour drink over 2×2 ice. Top with 4 heavy dashes hibiscus bitters.

Mark Cooney
Bartender in Detroit Michigan. Working at Wright and Company and for Detroit Optimist society. Excited to learn, grow, and network.
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