Cocktail: Cherry Blossom #3 | Bartender: Royston Greatorex

I wanted to create a brandy sour with an Asian twist so I supplemented JP Chenet Brandy with Ume Plum Wine for a tangy but sweet body and then used a homemade Chinese dried plum sherbet (fun dip) for colour, garnish and an extra hint of flavour.

40 ml JP Chenet Brandy
20 ml Ume Plum Wine
22 ml Cherry Syrup *
15 ml Lime Juice
30 ml Egg White
Dried Plum Sherbert **

Dry shake, then wet shake and double strain into coup. Garnish with Sherbert with bitters in desired pattern.

*Cherry Syrup: decent quality cherry juice mixed with simple syrup, i’ve found somewhere between 55/45 and 60/40 favouring the juice to be a good ratio

**Dried Plum Sherbert: mix citric acid, powdered sugar and blitzed Chinese dried plum to taste, you want it on the sour side to offset the drink

Royston Greatorex
Aussie/Canadian bartender based in Vancouver, I love trying to utilise cheaper or lesser used ingredients and still make delicious cocktails.