Cocktail: Bartenders Breakfast | Bartender Makina Labrecque

I decided to combine some industry favourites – Fernet Branca and Jameson Irish Whiskey with my favourite things to have for breakfast, bananas and espresso. This cocktail starts out like your morning ritual and finishes with the minty, herbal taste of Fernet Branca.

Cocktail: Bartenders Breakfast | Bartender Atlas

1 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey
0.75 oz Giffard Banane du Brésil
0.5 oz Fernet Branca
0.75 oz Chilled espresso
0.25 oz Rich simple syrup (1:1)
3 Dashes Scrappy’s chocolate bitters

Combine all ingredients in a shaker and shake to combine. Double strain the cocktail into a chilled coup, and garnish with three coffee beans.

Makina Labrecque
Recently new to the cocktail scene in Calgary, Makina has only been bartending seriously for about a year and a half. After a short career in Irish dancing professionally, she was inspired by the hospitality she experienced in her travels throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Europe to become a bartender. Currently working at Proof, she never stops talking so stop by for a chat and a fantastic cocktail!
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