Cocktail: Casket of Amontillado | Bartender Jared Wegenast

I have an obsession with good Cassis and trying to force (not really, but maybe kind of) people to drink sherry. So I messed around with ingredients and took some inspiration from the Flamenco; naturally pairing the Amontillado with the Genever. To give it some spunk I decided to use our delicious house smoked syrup.

Revenge is a drink best served neat.

Cocktail: Casket of Amontillado

1 oz Alvear Amontillado
3/4 oz De Vine Genever
1/2 oz Odd Society Crème de Cassis
1 oz Fresh Lemon
1/2 oz Fresh Orange
1/3 oz Smoked Syrup*
Garnish: Dehydrated orange

Combine ingredients into shaker glass, fill shaker 2/3s full with ice and shake till shaker is frosted. Double strain into chilled rocks glass. Drop dehyrdated orange and serve.

*Smoked syrup is made easily if your kitchen has a smoker. Pour some water into a shallow hotel pan and smoke it. Take smoked water and make into simple syrup. We do 1:1 (sugar:water), but 2:1 works just as nice.

About the Author: Jared Wegenast
Jared began bartending in the summer of 2014 at The Irish Times Pub, located in the heart of downtown Victoria. After a few years of hard work pouring beer for boatloads of tourists, Jared took an offer to run Vis-à-Vis Bouchon Bar, where he can still be found today. When he's not on the job, which is almost never, he can be found collecting tattoos, records, and grotesque artwork.
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