Cocktail: The Golden Snitch | Bartender Kaleena Goldsworthy

by Kaleena Goldsworthy

When I was in Italy, I was at a bar that had the craziest looking garnish. After many random google searches, I found that it was a husk cherry (a mighty large one at that). After coming home, I was working on an event for a local farm and saw that husk cherries were listed as an available ingredient. I jumped all over their inventory of husk cherries and The Golden Snitch was a result of that cocktail’s progression. I couldn’t stop thinking about how cool it would be to create a Harry Potter themed cocktail and to have a husk cherry (torn so as to resemble a golden snitch) sort of “flying above” the cocktail.

Cocktail: The Golden Snitch

In a mixing glass ½ full of ice, add:
1.5 oz. smoked peach whiskey
0.5 oz. lemon verbena syrup
0.5 oz. lemon juice
0.2 oz. cynar
Stir and strain into goblet over ice
Garnish with a bamboo pick and a husk cherry

Smoked peach whiskey:
1. Take a handful of wood chips and soak them over low heat for about 15 minutes.
2. Take a perforated pan and lay coarsely chopped peaches in it.
3. Place the pan with peaches over a pan with the wood chips and cover.
4. Cook over a low heat for about 45min. – 1 hour.

Lemon verbena syrup
1. Take lemon verbena leaves and place them in a pot with simple syrup (the amount of both is up to you).
2. Cook and reduce until the syrup is a nice green color

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