Cocktail: Holy Creole Batman | Bartender: Thomas Egan

This was my creative entry for Bacardi’s local Speed Daiquiri Day competition in Melbourne in 2017. Double spiced Daiquiri using Bacardi Carta Fuego and Pepper. The name is a tribute to the late, great Adam West who passed away this year as well as a shameless pun on the bitters used.

Cocktail: Holy Creole Batman | Bartender Atlas

50mL Bacardi Carta Fuego
30mL Lime Juice
15mL Mixed Pepper Syrup*
5mL Grenadine
2 dashes Creole Bitters

Hard Shake and Fine Strain all ingredients into a Nick & Nora glass. Garnish with a torched dehydrated Pineapple slice.

*Mixed Pepper Syrup: Boil 2 parts cracked Black Peppercorns and 1 part each Green, Pink & White Peppercorns in simple syrup and simmer for 10 minutes (20g/L)

Thomas Egan
Thomas Egan is an Adelaide born bartender who started in 2010, but only got serious(ish) in 2013. He began working in hospitality to fund fancy holidays to the UK, Europe, Japan and Asia while attempting university. Deferring (read:dropping out of) university to focus on hospitality and cocktails, he's worked in a range of venues in Adelaide and Melbourne. Whether it's management, beverage direction or slinging cocktails until 5am, he's always (sometimes) smiling and will always be up for a shot of Cocchi.
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