Cocktail: Joselito | Bartender: Erin Rose

Fuelled by caña and spicing up any festivity, our Joselito takes its name and spirit from the legendary reveller of the Barranquilla carnaval here in Colombia. During Carnaval, Joselito dances and drinks for three days without returning home to so much as change his underwear. When he finally collapses from exhaustion, the people sew him up in a shroud and mourn, thinking he’s dead … but he emerges bleary-eyed just before they lower him into the ground, bellowing “No estaba muerto, estaba de parranda!” “I wasn’t dead, just partying!”

Cocktail: Joselito | Bartender Atlas

2 oz / 60ml Havana Club 7 Años
0.75oz / 23ml mace syrup*
0.5oz / 15ml lime juice
0.25oz / 7.5ml Oloroso Sherry
Whole nutmeg for garnish

Shake rum, syrup and lime juice and double strain over a big cube. Float the sherry on top and garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

*100g Demerara or turbinado sugar, 100ml hot water, 5g mace (whole, not powdered). Put in sous vide at 50C for one hour or mix until sugar dissolves and leave to infuse overnight.

Erin Rose
Bartender Ejecutiva for Takami in Bogotá, Colombia
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