Cocktail: Mad Hatters Tea Party | Bartender: James Bailey

The Mad Hatters Tea Party was my entry for a Whitley Neill Gin Competition. It was inspired by a classic gin sour, with the novelty of the imagination from Lewis Caroll. One of the main ingredients in Whitley Neill Gin is the baobab which looks like it came straight from Wonderland.

Cocktail: Mad Hatters Tea Party | Bartender Atlas
50ml Whitley Neill Gin
30ml Lemon Juice
20ml Mango Infused St Germain
15ml Gooseberry Cordial
10ml Fino Sherry
Egg White From a Whole Egg
2 Dashes Baobab Extract

Combine all ingredients into a shaker tin, and hard shake with ice. Strain, and dry shake. Fine strain into a tea cup. Garnish with an edible flower as well with a tea pot with dry ice and Baobab tea.

James Bailey
My mum thinks I'm a good bartender.
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