Cocktail: Maestra | Bartender: Taylor Cloyes

Top16 US National Finalist for Bacardi Legacy — a rum & apple brandy centered around the crisp bite of a green apple.

1.5oz Bacardi Gran Reserva Ocho – Aged Rum
0.5 Lairds Apple Brandy
0.75 Lemon Juice
1 egg white (separated from yolk)
0.75 Green Apple Syrup*

Shake in a tin hard WITHOUT ICE (dry shake) for a minimum of 30 seconds. Add ice to tin and do a short shake hard with the ice (wet shake) for about 10 seconds. Then double strain through a Hawthorne strainer & a fine strainer. And let the cocktail settle for about 20 seconds. Take a lemon peel and express the oil over the top, garnish with a fresh green apple slice or apple fan into an 8oz glass— fizz coupe preferable!!! And then post your beautiful picture and tag it @m_a_e_s_t_r_a on Instagram! Thank you for being a part of Bacardi’s La Gran Familia!!

*Green Apple Syrup – Ratio 1:1 of juiced green apples with the skin on to plain sugar (bleached or unbleached) — stir together WITHOUT HEAT until dissolved.

Taylor Cloyes
From Houston, TX — living & bartending in Los Angeles, CA now. Been in this industry since I was 17! Liquor, liqueur, wine— it’s all time and story in a bottle. That’s what people are. My two favorite things. Stay insatiably curious, friends, and life will always offer itself to your imagination!
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