Cocktail: Mistaken Movie Quotes | Bartender: Dylan Brentwood

This was my submission for Hali.Team ‘s Campari Bitter Brawl, a first, exclusive Halifax cocktail comp!!! This drink is inspired by memories of seeing movies with my family and the legend of Cola Slushies at the Theatre. I swear the machine at the theatre in St. John’s was broken from 1999 until they got rid of it. It was my dad’s favourite drink. I built this drink on a base of Averna for it’s beautiful cola like qualities, trying to stretch and play with flavours that reminded me of of those slushies. I will remember those movies forever – being obsessed with the big screen and cartoons that I saw as a kid with my cola slushie, my popcorn and my dad – Toy Story, Lion King, the Star Wars Re-release, (and prequels.) This drink is about looking back on those times throughs the blur of youth. Thanks for the memories.

Cocktail: Mistaken Movie Quotes | Bartender Atlas

45ml Averna Amaro
10ml Wray Rum
10ml Grand Marnier
25ml Lemon juice
20ml honey syrup (4:1)
10 drops vanilla extract
Bar spoon coconut oil

In a blender add the above ingredients with 8oz of pebbled ice and blend on high. Pour into 12oz glass and garnish with toasted coconut and orange zest (or dehydrated orange, if available).

Dylan Brentwood
Newfoundland born, proud husband, excited to be learning about everything and all things.
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