Cocktail: Origines du Sling | Bartender: Jean-Félix Desfossés

The “”Origines du Sling”” is part of my new cocktails menu at the Bistro Le SAM, Château Frontenac cocktail bar. Made with Tanqueray No. Ten, Dillon’s Cherry Gin, Dom Benedictine, lime , Ms Better’s Bitters Pineapple Star & Anise and a splash of soda. This cocktail is to me what should have always been a Singapore Sling.

Cocktail: Origines du Sling | Bartender Atlas

0,75 oz Tanqueray No. 10
0,75 oz Dillon’s Cherry Gin
0,75 oz Benedictine
0,75 oz Lime juice
3 Dashes Angostura Orange
8 Drops of Ms. Better’s Bitters Pineapple Star & Anise
2 oz Soda

Shake all ingredients over ice except the soda. Fine strain in a collins glass over fresh ice. Top with soda and garnish with a star anis and pineapple leaf.



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