Cocktail: Peps Persson | Bartender Christina Veira

The Peps Persson cocktail is named after the Swedish 60s reggae artist and political activist. We wanted to combine very Scandinavian flavours and concepts (vodka, akvavit, vinegar as preservation technique)with more traditionally Caribbean flavours (mango, soursop, coconut). The cocktail also takes inspiration from a bizarro interpretation of wine tasting notes, specifically a California Chardonnay: dill and coconut from American oak, mango and banana and prickly pear on the nose, white pepper and a bright acidity on the palate. Like if someone who had never had wine had tried to make a cocktail from tasting notes.

Cocktail: Peps Persson | Bartender Atlas

1.5 oz Coconut Oil Washed Absolut*
.25 oz Akvavit
1.25 oz Soursop-mango-hibiscus Shrub**
1/2 bar spoon powders white pepper
Pinch maldon salt
Top with Perrier
Soursop seeds.

1. Place 10 seeds in bottom of tom Collins glass. Top with ice
2. Combine Absolut, Akvavit, Shrub, Pepper and Salt in a shaker.
3. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds.
4. Fine strain into prepared glass.
5. Top with Perrier

*Coconut Oil Wash
2 tbsp organic virgin coconut oil
1 btl (750ml) absolut vodka
1. Melt coconut oil until just liquid
2. Combine vodka and coconut oil in a freezer-safe container.
3. Let sit at room temperature for 6 hours, shaking the container once an hour.
4. Freeze the oil-vodka mixture for at least 12 hours.
5. Strain out the frozen coconut oil.

**Shrub Recipe
2 Soursop (prickly pear). Preferably ripe to over ripe, peeled. (Seeds ok)
6 medium sized ripe mangos (peeled and chopped roughly)
2 litres of Demerara sugar
1/2 cup dried sorrel/hibiscus
2 litres raw apple cider vinegar.
1. Combine the fruit, sorrel and Demerara. Mash together by hand until the demarara is almost fully dissolved.
2. Place in refrigerator and let macerate for minimum 48 hours
3. Add vinegar and stir.  Store in refrigerator for 2 days to allow the flavours to integrate.
4. Strain out fruit. Save for snack.
5. Voila.

Christina Veira
Christina Veira started her career in hospitality because she was a broke student and working in restaurants guaranteed a free meal. Eleven years later, she loves using her role as a bartender at places such as La Banane and Apt 200 to practice creativity, skills and patience. She now manages Bar Mordecai and is a WSET spirits instructor. In her spare time, she fundraisers for a women's shelter, reads books and plans elaborate cycle touring trips she couldn't possibly go on.
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