Cocktail: Port of St. James | Bartender Ian Storcer

This drink has won me the Calgary Regional Finals for Bacardi Legacy 2016. It’s a perfect balance of sweet and citrus with Port and Maple syrup to tie in some family history.

Cocktail: Port of St James | Bartender Atlas

1.5 oz Bacardi 8
.75 oz Tawny Port
.5 oz Pineapple Juice
.5 oz Lime Juice
.25 oz Maple Syrup

Shaken, Up in a Coupe
Mist of Bittermens Mole bitters

Ian Storcer
I have been bartending for the past 6 years, starting out as the "token white guy" at a Korean karaoke bar in downtown Calgary. From there my cocktail bartending career emerged when I was offered a place behind the wood at The Bourbon Room. I progressed exponentially over a couple years with the help of my mentors (they know who they are 😉 ) and eventually came to land myself, what would be my dream job, at Proof, in the good ol YYofC. I've let everything cocktail consume me, like a gang of puppy golden retrievers you see on YouTube, and I absolutely love it. I try visit every great bar I possibly can when I travel and am very much open for suggestions. Brown Spirits are usually my go to, but an ounce of a really good amaro, I could drown in tomorrow, think about it...
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