Cocktail: Summer in Tuscany | Bartender: Mattia Venegoni

I tried to concentrate my summers in Tuscany in a drink. I wanted the taste of the sea to be felt with rosemary, the warmth of the Tuscan cuisine represented by an Italian vermouth and the taste (but not by the heaviness) of the Siena oil, all combined with the freshness of the lemon and the aromas of a Tuscan gin which is Sabatini.

Fresh, present, marked but not intrusive.
Just like a holiday in Tuscany.

Cocktail: Summer in Tuscany | Bartender Atlas

4,5 cl Gin Sabatini
2.5 cl Vermouth Homemade, fatwashing of olive oil
1.5 Lemon juice
1.5 Rosemary Syrup

Shake and Strain.
Serve in a Champagne Glass.
Garnish lemon peel and rosemary.

Mattia Venegoni
Bartender for work and passion. I currently work in Milan in Italy as a supervisor and organizer of barman Milano Eventi, a catering and consulting company in the sector. If you want to get an idea of ​​what my modus operandi is, visit the links here.
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