Cocktail: Supersonic Gin & Tonic | Bartender Matt Millard

Inspired by the Basque region in Spain and their love of the G&T. This spritz has flavours of marzipan, blood orange, anise, and sloe berry. The perfect tonic for “la comida”.

Cocktail: Supersonic Gin & Tonic | Bartender Atlas

1.5 oz. Beefeater London Dry Gin
0.5 oz. Anise infused Patxaran
0.5 oz. Sour Blood Orange Juice (5% Citric Acid by weight)
1.5ml Bitter Almond Extract
5 oz. Fevertree Tonic Water

Garnish: Orange Twist & Bing Cherry

Method: Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker except the tonic water. Very Briefly Shake, then fine strain into a copa de balon or wine glass. Add tonic water and ice. Spritz orange zest onto the surface of the drink and garnish.

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