Cocktail: The New Mai Tai | Bartender: Ben Ghozzia Ahmed

This cocktail came out by seeing always the same Mai Tai recipe. So I tried a new version with Bergamot juice and Jagermeister.

Cocktail: The New Mai Tai | Bartender Atlas

50 ml Spiced Rum (Oakheart)
25 ml Jagermeister
15 ml Maple Syrup
25 ml Fresh Squeeze Bergamot Juice
‎25 ml Fresh Squeeze Lemon Juice
‎1 Slice of Ginger
4 Dashs Homemade Oranger Bitters

First put the ginger slice and muddle it.
Next put the rest of the ingredients in your shaker with ice and shake it!
Fill a rock glass with crushed ice and pour your mix.
Garnish your glass with a rosemary and a half ice sphere with some bouton rose and rosemary in it.

Ben Ghozzia Ahmed
I'm a Tunisian Bartender that always wanna create something new and tasty. Cocktail is a sort of art so you have appreciate it. Drink Responsibly!
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