Cocktail: Cucumber Cooler | Bartender: Massimiliano Terrile

Homemade pickled cucumber, Lychee conserve, fresh press clear cucumber water… a mix and match of sweet and savoury. A fresh combination designed for the last splash of summer.

Cocktail: Cucumber Cooler | Bartender Atlas

35ml clarify cucumber water
35ml Lychee conserve liq.
35ml London dry Gin Crush ice

Combine all ingredients in a collins glass and then fill with crushed ice.

Garnish with home made pickled cucumber (slice for the long side, leave 24 under white vinegar, wash them under water and conserve in brine), dry rose

To make the clarified cucumber water, peel your cucumber and blitz it in a food processor. Strain through two coffee filters.

Massimiliano Terrile
I started at the age of 15 running the floor in Portofino Hotel, where I spent most of my teenage years. Then I decided to move to Venice after a winter season spent in St. Moritz as Junior Sommelier in a Luxury hotel (Suvretta house). After a year at Bistrot in Venice, I caught a catch a chance to open my own bar in Sottomarina named XXL, 15m of working bar with 4 full station and DJ console. Back in Portofino few years later, I worked for Sartori in one of the first aperitif buffet bar in Italy, inspire by glamour and fashion. I then moved to London when I was 25, I've worked a places like like Giraffe and SoS before finally finding a family in Duck&Waffle where I moved from Bartender to Head Bartender to ABM in almost four years. Fresh on a new job, I'm now the General Bar Manager in Waldorf Hilton in Aldwych.
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