Cocktail: Curious George | Bartender: Qadeem Hassan

A nostalgic name of a famous book. Curious George brings a dynamic flavor to a Mint Julep riff with dark rum, bourbon, Banane Du Bresíl, and Demerara syrup. This drink has an evaluation of flavor as it dilutes.

Cocktail: Curious George | Bartender Atlas

Photo: Nikki Beck

1oz Plantation Dark Rum
1oz Old Forester 86
0.5 oz Banane Du Bresil
0.25 oz Demerara syrup
6-8 mint leaves

In a julep tin, add mint and Demerara syrup and muddle. Next, add Banane Du Bresil, bourbon, and rum. Add pebble ice and swizzle until fully incorporated. Next pack more pebble ice on top, rounded out a cone. Add a thick bouquet of mint and curious George figures for a garnish.

Qadeem Hassan
Currently the Director of Operations for Session Cocktail and Spirits, with two locations in Alabama.
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