Cocktail: Espresso Punch | Bartender: Lulua Sultan Al Ajami

This concoction has milk in it, but it also doesn’t! The milk wash technique I used gives this cocktail a clear golden color and evenly balances out the flavors. The tasting notes you’ll get are of coffee, sugar cane and faint citrus. With every sip, you’ll get a balanced and light texture cushioned with a fluffy foamy sensation. It also doesn’t hurt that it’ll look sexy on any bar-top it sits on!

Cocktail: Espresso Punch | Bartender Atlas

10 cl Milk
4 cl Lemon juice
1.5 cl Dark packed brown sugar syrup (1:1)
5.5 cl Kahlua
6 cl Vodka (I used Russian Standard)
1 shot/cocktail Espresso

*This recipe makes 2 servings.

The method used for this cocktail is the milk wash method. Start by mixing the milk and lemon. Add the brown sugar syrup, Kahlua and the vodka. Mix them all together. (Leave the espresso till the end).
The milk and lemon will react together, resulting in curdles.

In a container, (I used a small pitcher) place a fine strainer on top, then add a coffee filter on top of the fine strainer and gently pour your mix through the filter and strainer into the pitcher. The mixture will slowly start dripping into the pitcher as a golden and clear liquid!

Chill the mixture in a bottle in the fridge until it’s cold enough to drink. Do not shake. The milk wash method balances out the flavors and provides a bit of dilution.

After the cocktail is chilled, grab a Nick and Nora glass (or whatever glass you like!) from the freezer and pour the cocktail into the glass, make sure you leave a bit of room to add your foam!

My garnish of choice for this cocktail was foam, because why not? In a shaker add a shot of espresso with brown sugar syrup and shake it vigorously with ice. Strain into the shaker and scoop out the foam with a bar spoon or even with your strainer to add a foam float on top of your delicious golden cocktail.

*Ice is optional

Take a sip and enjoy! Cheers!

Lulua Sultan Al Ajami
Hey! Im Lulua, people call me Lulu .. I like to joke around but I get down to business when shit's real .. I also grew up playing Tetris which gave me the skill to space manage the fridges and cabinets. I love food and cocktails and I always try to play around with flavors and scents! I also like gardening. I try my best to control bar waste in order to be more green! If you watch me work behind the bar you will have a fun time watching me be clumsy and professional at the same time ! Cheers to being weird!