Cocktail: From Exile | Bartender: Dylan Brentwood

My legacy cocktail is inspired by relocation and the need to remain connected to the people in our lives. Throughout my 27 years, I’ve lived in 17 addresses, this made my idea of home about people and not about place. The BacardÍ family has a history of relocation, largely incited by exile from their home country. This struggle resonates so deeply with me. I could never imagine having to leave so much behind. After leaving Cuba, The incredible strength of their family and their passion drove them to build a global company and a global family, La Gran Familia. Across 150 countries the heart of their family radiates with a hope that we can all be connected as one family across this planet. From Exile – they have achieved something monumental. My legacy journey and my cocktail is about upholding the burning flame of family inherent in the human spirit and inspiring a world where we keep our hearts open to one another. I hope to encourage people to reconnect and find new connections with their loved ones, and connect us all to a global family

Cocktail: From Exile | Bartender Atlas

52.5ml BACARDI cuatro
12.5ml Gentian root liqueur
25ml Vanilla Syrup
20ml Lemon
40ml Martini Prosecco
1/2 tsp tahini

Shake all ingredients besides sparkling wine, top with sparkling wine, fine strain into wine glass with ice and garnish with lemon wheel and a passage of poetry on a recycled service chit.

Dylan Brentwood
Newfoundland born, proud husband, excited to be learning about everything and all things.
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