Cocktail: Gin Botanical Tea & Tonic | Bartender: Dennis Irumba

A refreshing cocktail created to complement the different botanicals in gin using cinnamon tea as a rare combo in the cocktail which is perfect to enjoy this cocktail in a hot afternoon!

Cocktail: Gin Botanical Tea & Tonic | Bartender Atlas

60 ml Gin
10ml Simple Syrup
30ml Brewed Apple & Cinnamon Tea
15 ml Apple Juice
Pinch cinnamon powder
Tonic water

Fill wine glass with ice, pour Simple Syrup, brewed apple & cinnamon tea, apple juice and Gin. Top up with tonic water. Garnish with three slices of green apple, apple and cinnamon teabag, drizzle a pinch of cinnamon on top.

Dennis Irumba
10 years ago I was working at a five-star hotel as a waiter before I was sent to one of the new bars then that was serving sheesha. I developed my interest for blending flavors and even came up with a sheesha cocktail menu. The bartender who was making cocktails from the cocktail bar then was always absent hence forcing me to make the cocktails for guests whenever he was absent, this forced me to learn the recipes and make the cocktails. Because of my interest for playing around with flavors it wasn't hard for me to adopt and understand the different cocktail recipes. A few years later sheesha was banned in my country (Kenya) and it was such an easy decision for me to make to join the bar. I have never looked back ever since!
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