Cocktail: Ginger Spice | Bartender: Hanna Jamael

This was my first ever cocktail on a menu, and also my guilty pleasure. On a slow shift while I was still a barback, I experimented with Domaine De Canton because the bottle looked pretty, and created possibly my favourite thing ever (totally biased opinion). I really like using a torch, so I naturally had to smoke the glass with a dehydrated orange— I found this added depth to the light, sweet taste of the ginger liqueur. If you’re looking for something that’s sweet but also complex, this is a fun one to try!

Cocktail: Ginger Spice | Bartender Atlas

1oz St-Germain
0.5oz Domaine De Canton
0.5oz Crown Royal
0.25oz Lime Juice
0.25oz Simple Syrup

Smoke a cocktail coupe with burnt dehydrated orange and set aside. In a shaker tin add all ingredients and shake until chilled. Double strain into prepared glass. Garnish by floating burnt dehydrated orange.

Hanna Jamael
I’m a new bartender from Halifax, NS, and love playing around with creating new drinks. Bartending has definitely become a creative outlet! You can often find me with some Aperol.
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