Cocktail: Grapevine Memoir | Bartender: Arian Yazdannik

This is a part of 5 course cocktail tasting menu called Dream Away with Me which captures my childhood memories. Grapevine Memoir was the name of the first beverage we served to our guests. This drink was inspired by the combination of bread, cheese, grapes and walnuts that we used to enjoy in the afternoon at my grandmother’s yard. With a harmonious blend of flavours, balanced acidity, mellow dry finish and a sparkling effervescence, this cocktail proved to be an impeccable choice for an excellent aperitif.

Cocktail: Grapevine Memoir | Bartender Atlas

15 ml Walnut-infused Cognac*
30 ml Grape Sweet and Sour Mix**
100 ml Champagne (Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut)
Carbonated grapes***

Stir Walnut-infused Cognac and Grape Sweet & Sour Mix in a mixing glass with ice for 30 seconds. Add champagne to a chilled champagne flute and strain the mixture into the glass. Stir lightly to ensure the ingredients are well-mixed. Garnish with carbonated grapes on side (suggestion to have feta on cracker with grapes on top as an excellent palate cleanser) to enjoy between sips.

Use carbonated grapes and grapes-feta cheese-bread crackers as side garnishes.

*Walnut-infused Cognac: Add 10g coarsely chopped walnuts to 50g Courvoisier Cognac and let it rest 24 hours. Strain through paper filter and store in resealable container.

**Grape Sweet & Sour Mix: Add 1.7g tartaric acid, 0.5g malic acid, 0.3 citric acid, 17g sugar, 70g green grape juice

***Carbonated grapes: Add grapes to max fill line in 0.5 lit ISI container charge with co2 cartridge and let it rest for 10 minutes. Vent it and charge it with a second cartridge. Let it rest 30 minutes.

Arian Yazdannik
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