Cocktail: Home | Bartender: Michael King

In my opinion every drink should have a story or some type of connection with or to its creator. This being my first contest I really wanted to make sure this drink embodied my experiences, my love of mixology and me as a person.

I really wanted to make sure Deanston was the star of the show in every way possible. Specifically, I wanted to highlight the subtle hints of apple, caramel, spice and vanilla I tasted in the spirit..

I’ve worked in extremely high volume restaurants that do 1600 guest a day, as well as fine dinning steakhouses where execution and presentation are key. Here presentation and execution are key. For this Deanston challenge, I wanted to make a drink that also could fit seamlessly in both settings.

When I thought about everything I’ve mentioned above I got the idea for apple pie. Apple pie is synonymous with fall and that’s when all the most important moments of my life career-wise have come. It’s when I met Jess, Chris, Jason and Dante, the four people who inspired my love of this industry. It’s the time I cried when I had to leave and at the same time it’s the time I started my new journey. I love those guys and love what they inspired in me and allowed me to inspire in them. To me they’re home.

To wrap up, I believe the apple pie inspired cocktail perfectly highlights the spirit and allows it to shine in all its glory, while adding complexity and visual appeal. It’s simple presentation allows it to be implemented in restaurants that do high volume and its spirit forward nature makes it appealing to steakhouses.

Cocktail: Home | Bartender Atlas

2.5oz Deanston Virgin Oak
0.5oz Boulard Calvados
0.5oz Cinnamon syrup*
2 drops Vanilla extract

Add all ingredients into a cocktail mixing glass filled with ice. Stir for about 5-10 seconds Strain into rocks glass with a king cube. Garnish with skewered apple slices.

*Cinnamon Syrup
500ml water
500ml sugar
16 Cinnamon sticks

Add water to a pot and boil. Add in sugar and Cinnamon sticks. Let simmer for 15 minutes. Turn off heat and let syrup cool with sticks still inside it. (The syrup should be a dark brown colour) Once cool strain.

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