Cocktail: Honey & Spice | Bartenders: Bianca Wendt and Ric Divola

As we edge towards winter, we wanted to create a drink with a warmer richer profile to suit the cooler months. Based on the Polish liqueur Krupnik, we chose to make a liqueur using local honey, flavoured with our own spice mix, fortified with vodka. We felt the liqueur would compliment the vanilla and spice notes in the Jameson flavour profile. We chose to make a sour as even though these are our cooler months, it’s still 20 degrees most days.

Cocktail: Honey & Spice | Bartender Atlas

45ml Jameson Whiskey
30ml Honey Liqueur*
30ml Lemon
Egg white

Combine all ingredients in a shaker tin and shake hard for 10-12 seconds. Strain into a chilled cocktail coupe and garnish with grated cinnamon.

*Honey Liqueur
1.5L Honey
2L Water
1.5L of Vodka
10grams of cinnamon cracked
4 whole nutmegs cracked
10grams of cloves
10grams of star anise
10grams of pimento

– Place all ingredients in a pot except vodka and 500ml of water
– Bring to the boil and reduce back down to 1.5L (taste as you go and add more water and reduce back down if need be)
– Strain through a cheesecloth lined chinois
– Chill mix with Vodka 1:1
– Bottle and store at room temp

Bianca and Ric
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