Cocktail: Jasmine Spritz | Bartender: Thatta Kimura

I thought about this recipe because I like working with teas and low alcoholic cocktails. Brazil is a very hot country and I think fresh and bubbly drinks are great choices to have on barbecues and beach parties. Lillet is a very delicate spirit and it goes really well with jasmine tea and coriander.

Cocktail: Jasmine Spritz | Bartender Atlas

60ml Lillet Blanc
20ml Jasmine & Coriander Syrup*
Top with sparkling wine

Fill a wine glass with ice cubes, add the Lillet and the syrup. Stir to mix them up. Top with sparkling white wine (brut). Garnish with a lemon zest and edible flowers

*Jasmine & Coriander Syrup
200g filtered water
300g refined sugar
10g jasmine tea
1g coriander seeds

Heat the water in a pan and add sugar, stir until it is completely diluted. Wait until the syrup is less hot and add the jasmine tea and the coriander seeds. Rest in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Strain and keep it on a sealed recipient.

Thatta Kimura
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