Cocktail: K.F.C | Bartender: Kevin Hubatschek

The drink came up over reading a book about flavour matches. I was going though the menu to look what drinks we are least selling and how those drinks could be replaced without losing their signature. Bringing back Medori as a ingredients for cocktails is a bit of a challenge but the outcome can be even better. Try this drink you won’t be disappointed:)

Cocktail: K.F.C. | Bartender Atlas

30ml Medori
25ml Fernet Branca
15ml Creme de Mure

Stirred/ served in a Tumbler over ice/ Garnished with a lemon twist

Kevin Hubatschek
Kevin Hubatschek working at Above Board bar in Melbourne Australia. Born and raised in Germany living for the last five years in the sunny state of Victoria.
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