Cocktail: Kilted Chai | Bartender: Jacob Sunny

Created for Laphroaig, “Shop, Stroll and Sip” campaign to promote local businesses in Old Town Alexandria.

Cocktail Kilted Chai | Bartender Atlas

2 oz. Laphroaig Select
1 oz. Indian Masala Chai*
1/2 oz. Heavy cream
1/4 oz. Maple Syrup

Light a cinnamon stick on fire and carefully place a tea cup overtop. Set aside. Add all ingredients to shaker. Shake and double strain into tea cup.  Garnish it with a Star Anise and cinnamon powder

*Indian Masala Chai
5 peppercorns
7 cardamom
10 fennel
1 cinnamon stick
4 cloves
2 anise
1 tsp Ginger powder
2 bags of Black Tea
4 oz. Milk
4 oz. Water
(You can play around with the proportions of the spices for your liking)
Grind with ingredients except for milk and water using a mortar.
Mix everything in a pot and bring it boil.
Remove from heat and let it rest.
Once it cooled, transfer it to a container and keep refrigerated over night.
Strain it using a cheese cloth, add 1/2 oz. Of scotch as a stabilizer if you are keeping it for more 2-3 days.

Jacob Sunny
Former Mechanical Engineer turned Mixologist trying to change the world by one drink at a time
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