Cocktail: Lady Marie | Bartender: Gioacchino Sorrentino

We all want a better sustainable planet, so why not have a better sustainable cocktail? I’ve created this cocktail by minimising the cost and waste with an increasing taste. Why waste a product when you can reuse it? A simple but tasteful and beautiful cocktail without damaging the planet.

Cocktail: Lady Marie | Bartender Atlas

60 ml Fresh Strawberry Infused Absolut Vodka*
15ml Dry Vermouth
15ml Elderflower Liqueur
20ml Lime Juice
2 Dashes Saline Solution**

Add all the ingredients except the ginger beer into a Boston shaker and shake and double strain into a highball glass with a long ice chunk. Top with Homemade Ginger Beer***. Garnish with one dehydrated strawberry.

*Strawberry Infused Absolut
For the infusion, I added the vodka in a vacuum biodegradable bag with 350g of fresh strawberries. I then removed the air using a vacuum machine and then cooked it at 60 degrees for 30 minutes in a pot using the technique Bain Marie. After that I strained it through a coffee filter to remove the little residue of strawberries and I placed the used strawberries into a dehydrator machine for 5 hours at 60 degrees to use for the garnish.

**For the saline solution: Dissolve 20 g of salt into 80 ml of boiled water.

***Homemade Ginger Beer
50g Grated Ginger
120g Light Sugar Cane Sugar
Juice from one lemon
0.5 g Dry Beer Yeast
Natural Water

Add in a saucepan the grated ginger, sugar and 120 ml of water and bring it to boil, mixing frequently until the sugar is completely melted. Let it rest for 60 minutes. Filter syrup with a thick mesh hilt by pressing solids to extract all the liquid; make sure that the liquid is at room temperature and at that point join the dry beer yeast (weight must be precise) and the filtered lemon juice. Transfer it into a fully clean PET (plastic) bottle combining with about 1 litre of water, the bottle should not be totally full. After this time, see if carbonation is complete: pressing with the thumb on the bottle will be difficult to squeeze, fermentation produces carbon dioxide that will swell the bottle. After it’s ready, strain the ginger beer in a glass bottle and place it in a fridge to stop the fermentation and to have a chill drink.

Gioacchino Sorrentino
Italian Bartender and owner of SoulSalerno Cocktail bar.
Lived and worked in London & Australia.
Sustainable lover.
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