Cocktail: Long Way Home #1 | Bartender: Kevin Nitcheu

[…] Long way home their innocence is stripped away.
[…] Long way home they will rediscover themselves.
All the world’s would make one again.

Cocktail: Long Way Home #1 | Bartender Atlas

60ml (2oz) Grand Marnier
7ml (0.25oz) Amaro Lucano/Amaro Bonino
30ml (1oz) Fino Sherry
5ml/1 teaspoon Campari
1 dash absinthe
1 drop saline solution

Stir all ingredients to dilution then strain in a cocktail glass. Garnish with dehydrated orange wheel.

Kevin Nitcheu
This is a bonus for #camparistircrazy just another thank you and I promised in my first submission I will be providing you with the Long Way Home #1 which takes it's essence from the first poem I wrote. As a bartender and soon-to-be entrepreneur I want to tell stories and make people travel with my cocktails. Cheers!
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