Cocktail: Long Way Home #1 | Bartender: Kevin Nitcheu

[…] Long way home their innocence is stripped away.
[…] Long way home they will rediscover themselves.
All the world’s would make one again.

Cocktail: Long Way Home #1 | Bartender Atlas

60ml (2oz) Grand Marnier
7ml (0.25oz) Amaro Lucano/Amaro Bonino
30ml (1oz) Fino Sherry
5ml/1 teaspoon Campari
1 dash absinthe
1 drop saline solution

Stir all ingredients to dilution then strain in a cocktail glass. Garnish with dehydrated orange wheel.

Kevin Nitcheu
I am a Cameroonian bartender brought up in the city of Montreal. I represented with dedication and passion a couple of amazing establishments in the city; The Coldroom, Bar George, Pub Saint Pierre, Pub Burgundy Lion, to name them. I take strong interest in the history of spirits in their widest scope. I don’t pick and choose which one I prefer because it would put a barrier to my curiosity and same goes for cocktails. I am also very hospitable, a skill that I am most proud of over any other. The past months haven't been the easiest to live by, to say the least, but I managed to adapt and I left my dream job at Coldroom to start an event company called Maison Blue whose purpose mainly is to bring something fresh to the table, say, private bartending for intimate dates. This gives me a big boost and I'm working harder to stay sharp and curious in my craft in the hope to keep on making a mark in the industry of hospitality and tourism.
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