Cocktail: The Lumberjack’s Snack | Bartender: Carolyn Yu

This cocktail is quintessentially Canadian. Its main elements are all either original Canadian products and/or are cheeky Canadian commodities. Lot 40 Rye is the ultimate expression of Canadian Rye Whisky, a 100% rye grain that is made the old-fashioned way in a copper pot. Its vanilla, toffee and oak notes work themselves beautifully into this drink to add depth and complexity. Tim Horton’s is a well known coffee company in Canada, with their little Timbit donut hole snacks gaining worldwide recognition. A ratio of half whole milk and half light cream is what we use to whiten our coffee and will give this cocktail a smooth and silky texture. Hazelnuts are indigenous to Canada and I wanted to add a touch of mintiness to convey the chill of The Great White North. Finally, to bring the drink home and convey the extraordinary snow storms that many of us are used to in the winters (and sometimes spring), we’re going to blitz it in a blender to make a nice frosty treat. Hope you enjoy!

Cocktail: The Lumberjack's Snack | Bartender Atlas

1.5oz Lot 40 Whisky
3oz half and half cream
1oz Timmy’s Orgeat*
0.5oz McGuiness Creme de Menthe
2 dash Apothecary “Darkness” coffee cacao bitters
Half heaping bar spoon instant espresso powder
Pinch of sea salt

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blitz with ice until smooth. Pour into a chilled coffee mug, ideally plaid patterned. Garnish with instant espresso powder over drink and Timbits on the side (optional). Feel free to drink whilst wearing a Canadian Tuxedo. Cheers!

*Timmy’s Orgeat:
500g boiling water
500g white sugar
6 sour cream glazed timbits
50g roasted hazelnuts
50ml white rum

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blitz until smooth. Fine, fine, fine strain in superbag or dampened coffee filter (this will take a while). Keep refrigerated.

Carolyn Yu
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