Cocktail: Magic Hour in Ward 9 | Bartender: Christina Veira

I wanted to make a drink inspired by the neighbourhood my venue, Bar Mordecai, was in. One of my favourite things about Dundas Street West is how beautifully we capture that evening magic hour. At certain times of the year, it feels like the street is perfectly drenched in flattering and beautiful golden light.

Ward 9 in Toronto is the Davenport ward, home to various European diaspora communities. This cocktail takes a bit from Portugal, Italy and Spain with a back bone of Canadian whisky.

Cocktail: Magic Hour in Ward 9 | Bartender Atlas

45ml Lot 40 Whisky Dark Oak
15 ml L’Apertivo Nonino
15 ml fino sherry
10 ml white port
5 ml Liquore Pino Mugo
Rinse: absinthe

Combine in chilled mixing glass. Add old draft or similar ice. Stir for 15 seconds or until well chilled and diluted. Rinse chilled glass with the absinthe of your choice. Strain your beautiful chilled cocktail from your mixing glass into your aromatic and chilled glass. Express lemon oils over the drink. Enjoy!

Christina Veira
Christina Veira started her career in hospitality because she was a broke student and working in restaurants guaranteed a free meal. Eleven years later, she loves using her role as a bartender at places such as La Banane and Apt 200 to practice creativity, skills and patience. She now manages Bar Mordecai and is a WSET spirits instructor. In her spare time, she fundraisers for a women's shelter, reads books and plans elaborate cycle touring trips she couldn't possibly go on.
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