Cocktail: Mexican Air Mail | Bartender: Sam Jimenez

A rum classic with a Mexican twist. Come fly with me!

Cocktail: Mexican Air Mail | Bartender Atlas

1.5oz Havana Club 7 Year Rum
0.75oz Lime Juice
0.75oz Jalapeño Infused Agave Honey*
2-3oz Ginger kombucha (to top off)

Combine the rum, lime juice and agave honey into a shaker with ice, shake vigorously. Serve in a Collins glass and top off with the kombucha. Garnish with a lime wheel and a slice of jalapeño.

*Jalapeño Infused Agave Honey
Slice open a fresh jalapeño pepper and remove the stem and seeds. Add half of the pepper of a 1 litre jar and fill with agave syrup. Stir occasionally for an hour, tasting to test spice level. Remove jalapeño when the syrup is hot enough.

Sam Jimenez
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