Cocktail: Nokomis | Bartender: Shannon-Blue Nanibush

This drink was inspired by childhood summers spent picking indigenous medicine and berries with my grandmother (Nokomis). Strawberries and Cedar will always remind me of our time together.

Cocktail: Nokomis | Bartender Atlas

2oz Tequila Patron Silver
0.75oz Lemon Juice
0.75oz Chamomile Syrup*
2 drops Black Cloud Charred Cedar Bitters
2 small organic strawberries

Add strawberries to top of a Boston shaker and muddle gently but firm. Add lemon juice, chamomile syrup, bitters and Patron tequila. Top shaker with cube ice and shake hard. Rim a Nick and Nora glass with salt. Pictured is a freeze dried strawberry salt combo. If you them on hand or the means to do to, I highly recommend! Finally double strain into your rimmed glass and serve.

*Chamomile Syrup: Strong Brew Chamomile Tea : Granulated sugar 1:1

Shannon-Blue Nanibush
I’ve been in the industry for a decade, serving, bartending and everything in between. Ottawa is home however my bartending career took off in Halifax, having worked at Lot Six, Stillwell and managing The Barrington Steakhouse. I returned to Ottawa to work at Fauna, before moving onto become the General Manager and moonlighting behind the wood when needed.

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