Cocktail: Old Franks | Bartender: Daphnée Vary Deshaies

An easy to make cocktail for an after dinner drink. The type of digestif that you wanna drink by the fireplace. It’s a simple twist on an Old Fashioned that highlights the oaky and spiced profile of Lot 40 Dark Oak. Franks is the name of the shed where I go to escape the city and have a little space. It is lit by a wood stove and is perfect to sip on whisky and relax.

Cocktail: Old Franks | Bartender Atlas

2oz Lot 40 Dark Oak
0.5oz Date Syrup*
1 dash Ms Better’s Smoke & Oak bitters
1 dash Angostura bitters

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir until well-chilled. Strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube. Garnish with a date.

*Date Syrup:
1 part pitted fresh dates
1 part brown sugar
1 part water

Add all ingredients into a pot, mix them and gently heat until sugar dissolves. Keep mixing until dates dissolve, then fine strain and store in the fridge.

Daphnee Vary Deshaies
I'm from Montreal and have been in the industry for a little over 10 years now. I travelled and worked in many places around the world before I moved back to Montreal to study at university. After graduating with my second bachelor degree and working as a teacher assistant at university, I realized that maybe after all I didn't want to be a teacher and I decided to focus my energy on what passionate me most: hospitality. Since then, I have occupied mostly management positions in the bar/restaurant industry, have done a little consultation here and there and am now in charge of the bar program for A5 Hospitality group.
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