Cocktail: Peechy Keen | Bartender: Keely Rollheiser

Inspired by using in season local ingredients from my home province of British Columbia, Peachy Keen is a cocktail I created for a guest shift I did at The Offy Bistro in my home town, Chilliwack. Bright and fresh in colour and in flavour, I love this summer cocktail!

Cocktail: Peachy Keen | Bartender Atlas

1 oz Raspberry-infused Gin*
0.5o z Peach Mint Syrup**
0.5 oz Lime Juice
1o z Cava

Chill your favourite rocks glass. In a shaker, add Raspberry-infused Gin, Peach Mint Syrup and fresh Lime Juice. Shake until the tin is cold. Double strain into rocks glass over a large cube. Top with Cava and garnish with a dehydrated lime wheel.

*Raspberry-infused Gin: In a cambro, add 6oz of in-season fresh raspberries and 26oz of London Dry-style Gin. Let infuse in the fridge for 4-6 days, shaking up and checking on it each day. When finished, strain into 750ml bottle. Store in the fridge.

**Peach Mint Syrup: To a pot, add 16oz of white sugar, 16oz of water, 5 sliced fresh in-season peaches and a hand full of mint leaves. Bring to a boil and stir until sugar is dissolved. Muddle peaches and mint lightly, and let sit on low heat for 5-7mins. Pull off heat and let infuse for 20-25mins. Strain into a bottle and store in the fridge for up to 10 days.

Keely Rollheiser
My name is Keely Rollheiser, and I’m a mixologist in Providence, Rhode Island! I love creating cocktails with a funky twist on classic and staple drinks. My favourite spirits to work with are Gin and Bourbon. I believe balanced flavours and precise technique set my cocktails apart from others. Cheers, and sip away!
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