Cocktail: Picnic by the Water | Bartender: Calliope Draper

Inspired by the Deanston waterwheel and the idyllic nature of a picnic in the countryside by the water. This cocktail also pays homage to the queer cultural landmarks by the water. Places where we could run off to and escape; for a swim, a dance, a picnic or a romance. Embedded in this cocktail is everything one needs for a good picnic on the shores, scotch, shortbread, roasted nuts, fruit, tea, honey (amaro) and sparkling wine. Picnic by the Water is a delicate and unperturbed cocktail for those who want to escape for a moment, run off to the water and forget our worries in the dazzling reflection of the sun.

Picnic by the River | Bartender Atlas

1.5 Deanston Virgin Oak
0.75 Lavender Shortbread Madeira*
0.75 Pu’er Tea Cordial**
Barspoon Mead based Amaro
1oz Pet Nat

Briefly stir all ingredients except the Pet Nat to chill and lightly dilute. Strain into a chilled large coupe glass. Fizz with Pet Nat. Garnish with a dehydrated pear chip or a fan of thinly sliced pears.

*Lavender Shortbread Madeira: per bottle of Madeira (750ml) add 150g gluten free lavender shortbread. Let infuse overnight, up to 24 hours. Strain through a coffee filter.

**Pu’er Tea Cordial: Add 50 slivered almonds to a dry hot pan. Toast. Add 200g pear (sliced) and 2 pu’er tea bags to a pot. Add the toasted almonds and 500g boiling water to the pot. Cover for 10 mins. Remove tea bags. Cover for 10 more mins. Strain. Add 50g sugar and 2.5g citric acid. Dissolve and let cool.

Calliope Draper
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